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Joshua Chimela - Jesus

We are pleased to present this mind blowing piece by Joshua chimela. 
It is truly a call to worship Jesus.
This song is indeed a great sound from a great singer and we were privileged to have an interview with Joshua chimela. Details below. Meanwhile download and share "Jesus" with the link below. 
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Geekeyz : Good evening Sir.  You are highly welcome to PICKNPLAYAGENCY INTERVIEW SESSION

Joshua Chimela : Thank you so much sir.

Geekeyz :  We are glad you are here. 

Joshua Chimela : Same here.

Geekeyz :  Okay! My name is Geekeyz! I specifically welcome you to PICKNPLAYAGENCY ONLINE INTERVIEW SESSION tagged "WHO IS"
just like the name implies, "Who is" is a session where we get to know more about our gospel ministers and by the grace of God, we have had successful interviews with great artistes such as Nsi dominix, Eva praise, AGO, Chris Joshua, Amicable chiz,and so many more to mention.
Without further delay, let's get the ball rolling! right away!
Let's meet you sir. Can you introduce yourself?

Joshua Chimela : Ok sir am glad to be here. I Am Joshua chimela ihua
From Rivers State. 500 level student of university of port Harcourt.I
Am a recording and performing gospel artiste.
 Geekeyz : Okay that's pretty interesting. Can we know a bit about your musical background? How did you get into music?

Joshua Chimela :That's amazing. By the grace of God, My father is a pastor. So I grew up as a pastors son and found love in music. I started singing in our church choir at the age of 6 but ventured into music fully 2017.
Geekeyz : Wow. That's an awesome story..
Geekeyz : Now, let's talk about your sound! Can you describe your sound? What kind of song do you do?

Joshua Chimela : I will say am a versatile, But if am to discribe my sounds i do soul worship.

Geekeyz : Great! So before we move ahead, let's digress a little with this question. Would you rather have a gospel DJ play at your wedding or a band playing love songs?

Joshua Chimela : Wow this question is tactical
Geekeyz : Smiles...

Joshua Chimela : Ok let me start like this....
DJ's do according to what you want. Inviting a gospel DJ doesn't stop him from playing love songs.He can't play a soul worship or general worship song when we are in the middle of celebration. And when you talk of love band, I am also inviting a gospel band to play

Geekeyz : Wow. That's a great perspective you have there. Away from that, what inspires you most in life?

Joshua chimela :  L O V E

Geekeyz : Can you throw more lights on this sir?

Joshua Chimela : Ok. I know when you mention love people get to think somany things. Number one thing I will say is as a little child I grew up with motherly love. My mother showered me with love even uptill now. So that alone inspires me on how to love others. Secondly I got to understand the love God showed us by sending his son. most importantly even the son volunteered to come that's a great love and it it inspires me alot. If I am not mistaking  it's life not music you mean.

Geekeyz : Yes. Life! There is a whole lot to tap from your response. So far, how many songs have you done?

Joshua Chimela : Ok I have done 4 released tracks and one drops this month. (AUGUST, 2020)

Geekeyz : Oh that's great. I was heading towards that! So tell us the inspiration behind your new song 'JESUS' can you tell us what to expect?

Joshua Chimela : Ok. The inspiration behind "Jesus" in one word is the love of God. In the song, I spoke about how he was beaten for our sake. The song also talks about the healing power in the name of Jesus. What to expect is just God's word.

Geekeyz : I can feel the impact already! While we await this great piece! Can you tell us how you relax? How you spend your free time. Or is it just MUSIC, MUSIC AND MUSIC?

Joshua Chimela : Lol no... I am also a business man and a student. So I read my books and the Bible then my business. As a final year student project calls too.

Geekeyz : 
Smiles.. That's fantastic.

Joshua Chimela : Ok sir

Geekeyz : So now, what can you say about gospel music in Nigeria. Do you feel we have gotten there, what do you think we need to start doing or stop doing?

Joshua Chimela : Well gospel music in Nigeria what I will say is we are getting there. It's trying. About what to stop doing is hate, criticism. The gospel music community lacks love.. and the gospel community has this another kind of view about people doing other kind of gospel music such as rap dance Hall and hip hop and it's not really cool so we need to change our mind set about those set of people

Geekeyz : That's a whole lot you have said... I have a lot of questions to ask. But time might not permit that. Let's go straight to the challenges you face in your music

Joshua Chimela : Challenges... The major challenge is support
I know people might talk about fund but the major thing is support.

Geekeyz : Okay. So, we are going to call it a wrap here! Kindly say your final words to other gospel artiste like you

Joshua Chimela : My final words to every gospel artiste like me is this. 
Believe in your self, serve in your local church, pray connect with God and also connect with men... Most importantly master your craft. Thank you sir.

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