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When I moved to Anambra state, the only thing on my mind was to make money. I had plans written out in my head and how to implement them.

Awka wasn't the place for a start for me as at the time the motivation for me to relocate came. It was Onitsha! Onitsha!! Dreamt of where I did business in it, drove my first car on its roads. Everything!

But then, Awka was the divine plan.

My search for a place to startup my business took an entire three months off my grand plan. I was in Onitsha almost everyday of the week, negotiating for cheaper shop, but none came through.

There was this passage of the bible I often read. "Promotion comes not from the east or west...". So on this fateful day, I was in a taxi heading to Onitsha when a group of Policemen stationed at a checkpoint stopped us, ordered the driver to alight and hand over the key to them. We were told to alight too and look for another taxi. 

I didn't have the time to ask what could have happened that resulted to that. My whole mind was to go to Onitsha. 

Fortunately for me, another taxi halted for me to board. He said he was going to take a longer route because of his incomplete car documents. I sighed.

We got to Onitsha much later though and I continued my search. At round 5:20pm, I decided to go back to Awka. I was tired.

On reaching to my street, I saw a signboard written "Shop to let". Hmmm. Never knew there was such here, cause I wasn't interested in finding any there. I was about looking away when a young man who probably had won a bet excitedly said to his friend " Oboy, you don see am na. Promotion comes not from the east and west o. Just one game with enough odds. I don win!" 

I whispered "So this one dey quote Bible too!" Later that night, I couldn't sleep. The passage was on my mind. I had to rethink and give Awka a try. As promotion could come from anywhere.

I paid for the shop the next day, feeling less excited though.

I currently have bigger shops in Awka and have achieved my other plans.
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