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The above topic is one that cannot be overemphasized. It is one thing telling a joke in front of a few circle of friends and another thing entirely different in relating that same joke to a larger unfamiliar audience. Well, we are not taking about how to crack a good joke or qualities of a comedian either. Enough of the story telling, let's get down to a  very critical matter. Something that has plagued people from different walks of life "STAGE FRIGHT".
     So first,we'll break down the concept to enable us get a better understanding. Stage fright is something that mostly occurs in large gathering of mostly unfamiliar people in a particular event. However, this can occur in small gathering of people too. Stage fright also known as social anxiety, refers to the fear of public speaking or performance. Millions of people in the world today are battling with stage fright ranging from men to women, boys to girls. 
Here are some causes of stage fright; 

    The mentality of "I can't deliver", "I can't do it", "I won't be able to" and so on has become alarmingly high in us mostly young people. And this reduces one's level of confidence  to a large extent. 

    This is one factor that is sometimes neglected. The magic or logic behind this is;  it can make every confident human look dumb on stage. Sometime ago, I was involved in a debate competition. My team leader got so confident in himself that he neglected to prepare and rehearse his lines. To cut the long story short, that made us loose a lot of points as the person in question quickly developed stage fright due to lack of proper preparations. In essence, being unprepared can as well lead to stage fright.

    This is generally characterized by an individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth. Self esteem is usually one's perception about how his/her body, voice,  looks and thoughts are seen by others and the individual in question. This makes you become your own judge, seeing yourself as less than what you are and in most cases, these perceptions are not true. Low self esteem indeed plays a vital role in stage fright. 

    We cannot push the quote that says "how you dress determines how you will be addressed" into the deep sea as it will always find its way to the shores. Dressing  poorly can in a way cause stage fright.
    There are so many other factors that can cause stage frights such as the interest of your audience, unfamiliar role, personality traits and even negative results after several attempts. 
    Now, let's look at how one can overcome these factors listed above with some practical stories. 
    In overcoming stage fright, I encourage people to first acknowledge that frights exists and that you have it as a challenge you need to overcome. 

    In building your self confidence, you have to find a comfortable zone I.e what he/she is good at and develop it. This extends to finding your passion and striving to be the best at it. Moreover, that can in turn groom your confidence. Getting into the wrong path (probably getting into a very uncomfortable genre as a singer or maybe acquiring the skill that makes you struggle over and over with no much improvement) as the case maybe can bring about fear and inability to deliver because the passion is really not there. Just as I got into acting some time ago and found my self struggling. All these and more can be a smooth route towards stage fright. Therefore, finding yourself in the right or permit me to say perfect field of life can boost your self confidence which is essential for overcoming stage fright. (locate your spot and expand it) 

The popular boy's Scott motto is very vital as far as overcoming stage fright is concerned. When you prepare ahead of time, you will find yourself picturing the beginning and the ending of your speech delivery, stage performance or whatever you have to do that involves audience. This preparation begins with making your mirror your number one listener. See your mirror as that group of audience that will intentionally try to ignore you or try to reduce you. Overcome them in front of your mirror by practicing over and over. At this point, you are free to make mistakes, next comes your real audience! Do it victoriously. 

There are certain attributes one needs to acquire to overcome low self esteem and this begins with self love. Once you begin to conceive negative thoughts about your stature, your facial look, your voice tone and so on, the chances of falling into the pit of low self esteem widens which in turn accomodates depression, suicidal thoughts, emptiness and so on. Let me share a little story; growing up as a child, I was practically big in size which made me not always fit amongst my peers, this perception of "I don't belong" began to eat deep and wanting to fit in with my mates became a difficult exam. I had to skip a whole class just to fit in with those older than me in age because I definitely felt I looked older than my age. Now it took a while to come out of such perception and wouldn't have been possible if not for self love.  Loving yourself, knowing that God loves you and created you the way you are for reasons you might not have seen and also knowing full way that God doesn't make mistakes. Another form of building your low self esteem is something a bit trickish but I have seen it work severally for a lot of people is acknowledging your challenge. (this challenge could be the way you talk, maybe you stutter, it could be your physical look), also being physically challenged may not be far from it. Sometimes, acknowledging your challenge in front of your audience can boost your low self esteem.  I once met a physically challenged comedian who used his challenge to capture his audience by talking about his challenge. Now he acknowledged his challenge and converted it to an advantage. 

As far as overcoming stage fright Is concerned, your appearance is a key factor and a smart step. Imagine yourself in a night/sleep wear rendering a speech in a formal gathering. Now that's completely obscure and I guess you won't like to be in such scenario. 
    One's dressing can automatically capture the interest of his/her audience which is a major factor when talking about speech giving or any other thing that has to do with the stage. Sometimes one may be caught unaware which I recommend that it is of your best interest to always appear neat and nice in any event or gathering not minding the number of persons involved. Let's study the case of someone in a particular business function not properly dressed (of course, he/she isn't the master of ceremony nor playing a special role) it will be quite unfortunate if he/she is called upon to give the welcome speech in absence of the chairman of the day assuming he/she was part of the planning committee and boom! He/she is not properly dressed. I guess you can conclude how the story will end. 
    Appearance expands depths away from dress sense down to personal hygiene : body odour, mouth odour, unkempt hair and dirty shoes etc plays a major role as well in overcoming stage fright. 
    Conclusively, you can overcome stage fright with the help of the key factors explained. One needs to overcome some self made perceptions and fear before tackling other external factors. A journey to the top of the hill begins with you clearing the path for the first  step. I can't wait to hear your success story.

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