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Amidst the trials and pains of this world,
The deceptive entangling nature of tribulation.
Beyond the view of pandemic and viruses,
Lies dreams.

When the World mocked my vision,
My aspiration shoken,
My hope crashed at my feet,
My wishes evaporated

Light sought to penetrate my world,
But yet it made no difference.
Scorned by my builders,
Yet refusing to be broken.
Cause I had a dream.

My dream, a soul lifter
poped up and stood out,
It's realization came forth in silent whispers
Like a one party political state my dream had nothing to contend with

And suddenly
the pride of fools and mockery men took it's stand
Made me abandon my once coated beauty
And now as nature takes it's due course
All I know are sorrows and wailing words

Unable to hold unto my shiny star
I let it slip away,
The words left, others stole,
Regret is all my tears speak.

My dream was much bigger than I thought It'd be;
My dreams are bigger than me.

Written by : Jeremiah philip precious 
Edited by : Tehillah Friday

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