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QUEENDOZ : Good evening sir prince. Thank you for honouring our invitation.

PRINCE KC : I'm blessed and grateful. Pleasure is mine.

QUEEN DOZ: I would like to enlighten our esteemed fans  on what WHO IS with PICKNPLAYAGENCY is all about.
*WHO IS* is an interview session on PICKNPLAYAGENCY Where we get to know more about our Music ministers From their personal life all up to what they are up to. So it's literally *WHO IS* THIS CELEBRITY!?

PRINCE KC : Wow! Amazing. Okay ma'am. Noted.

QUEEN DOZ: (smiles) So sir. Can you tell us "WHO IS" minister Prince KC?

PRINCE KC: Alright. The name Prince KC is a Miracle. Minister Prince KC is a young, upcoming Gospel Minister in Music and word. from IMO state Okigwe Local Government. A native of Ogube, in ihube community. Based in Rukpokwu, PH.

QUEENDOZ: Wow. Imo state. Igbo kwenu (smiles) So how old is minister prince KC? 

PRINCE KC : smiles! 

This is the part that's gonna be funny. Well Minister Prince KC is 20 of age.

QUEEN DOZ: Some fans are gonna be so suprise-licious... So prince Kc, how long have you been in the music ministry?

PRINCE KC : Well have been singing since when I was little 4 of age. Started singing in the children choir, from there I began leading youth choir at the age of 13. Then I learnt so much and was blessed by Mother's, father's because of my gift. 
But I fully entered into the gospel music Ministry 2018. And since then God has shown himself strong. Is not I but Christ at work in me.

QUEEN DOZ: Nice. Awesome. So why did you go for gospel?

PRINCE KC: Well have always love to be in Church right when I was a child, always joyful when is time to sing to God. I just love to be in the gathering of the saint and leading God's people in worship.

QUEEN DOZ : So how many song have you recorded so far? And should we expect more?

PRINCE KC : Well I have recorded two. 
Then faithful God by Prince KC.  My first single in 2017. God is God by Prince KC, my debute single of 2018 till date. Which has been a tremendous blessing. Well,  since 2018 God told me to hold on and dine more with him, and have this deepness of fellowship, love and walk with him. And oh yes expect more, and this time I can't tell but it will be testified.

QUEEN DOZ : Are you signed to any record label?

PRINCE KC : Not yet in any recording label.

QUEEN DOZ : So let's take a stroll away a little from you. which gospel music celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?

PRINCE KC : Well to me, in the Gospel music ministry, every minister is called for a specific purpose for their generation.
So I won't rate any base on my view, despite I don't know all and their relationship with God or approach.
But every gospel music minister is called for a purpose, only those who hasn't discover their purpose aim to be known and famous and leave the work they've been called out and chosen for.

QUEEN DOZ : Ok. Who is your role model in music?

PRINCE KC : Well in my case based on Nationality. I follow up more outside my nationality, my role model Pastor Tasha Cobbs Leaonard, she is the only artiste I have loved and follow with all tendency of heart. She is my primary.Then coming over to my nationality. Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey and Judikay. Then within PH my base, Doris Francis. 

QUEEN DOZ : A lot of questions to be asked but we will call it a wrap here. So drop a word or two for your fans out there.

PRINCE KC : Well! To my fans out there. Hope for the best for the brand Prince KC in prayers and supplications to God. Because sooner,  very soon, there is going to be a breakthrough. Keep praying for Prince KC. Keep following! Keep listening!
And keep anticipating a new song sooner that will hit the world at large.

QUEEN DOZ : Thanks for stopping by sir. God bless you

PRINCE KC : Amen. I'm grateful and honoured. thank you all. 

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