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Host : QueenDoz (picknplayagency) 
Guest : Nsi Dominix (Gospel artists)

 Welcome to PICKNPLAYAGENCY interview session *WHO IS * with QueenDoz we will be discussing with a celebrity...Guess who??
 *WHO IS* is an interview session on PIckplayagency where we get to know more about our favorite celebrity.
So it's literally *WHO IS* THIS CELEBRITY
 So today we have a Gospel Music Minister in the house
Let's welcome minister Nsi Dominix

 QueenDoz: Minister Nsi Dominix welcome to the house

Nsi Dominic : Thank you.... 
It's a pleasure

 QueenDoz: Hope you are good?

Nsi Dominix : Yea, thank you. And you?

 QueenDoz: Am good

Nsi Dominix: Alright

 QueenDoz: So I guess I can call you *NSI* 

Nsi Dominix :Sure you can. 

 QueenDoz: Tell us a little about yourself..
Like where you are from, your full name,  just tell us a little you think we should know about you

Nsi Dominix:  *Nsi Dominix* is a child of God,  a pianist, a minister of the gospel, A technician, an entrepreneur and a recording artist from Akwa Ibom state. 
Am just out to  make it in the mere generation. I am *Nsikak Dominic Eyo* a portharcourt based artist 
 from *akwa ibom state* Popularly known by my stage name *Nsi Dominix*

QueenDoz: Ok. so are you a pastor's child? You know must people believe you must come from a Bible believing and built family to be a minister of any sort. So tell us about your family

Nsi Dominix: Alright (Smiles). My biological father isn't a pastor although I have spiritual fathers that are pastors. concerning the Bible believing aspect,  I am from a Bible believing  family with a strong christian background.

 QueenDoz: Ok, So how did your music career start. I guess, there were other things you were doing before you started music. And what made you chose gospel??

 Nsi Dominix: After school, it's either scripture union or bible studies if not Sunday service or choir rehearsals and other special services.
During my childhood, I almost never had time to play with other kids.

 QueenDoz: Hmm... This one is really massive! Tell us more

Nsi Dominix: Growing up as a little boy, I had alot on my mind. But finally fell in love with music. I spent almost my whole time going in church. at a point,  I fell in love with the piano. So,  I started playing it as a teenager Choosing gospel music is a decision I made deliberately. The above information I gave wasn't  a guarantee that I must do gospel music. It's just that I had the understanding and the conviction.

 QueenDoz: Wow! (Smiles) Amazing?

Nsi Dominix: Amazing? 

Queen doz : sure, so how long have you been into gospel music and What's your experience like?

Nsi dominix: I started singing at the age of 9, with my local church choir. Nevertheless, I am being into music 2years officially and It hasn't been that easy. God has kept me going and
I just enjoy doing it my own way.

QueenDoz: So sir Dominix before we move away from music career, How many songs have you recorded so far and should we still be expecting more?

Nsi dominix: Yeah,  I've recorded six (6) songs, released one (1) and currently working on something different.

 QueenDoz: Alright moving away from that
Tell us What's your favorite color?

Nsi Dominix: Hmm. I think purple is cool,  followed by black.

QueenDoz: Wow. Why black?

Nsi Dominic : It goes pretty well with other colors including it's self.

QueenDoz: OK, What's your favorite sport?

Nsi Dominix: Basketball! I like watching it,  but not much.

QueenDoz: You like watching it. Or you know how to play?

Nsi dominix: I use to play it back then in high school. But now I play once in a while Just for fun.

 QueenDoz: What was your best/worst subject back in school?

Nsi dominix : I won't say any was my worst but I had issues with mathematics right from time, but as a science student it was a necessity So I had to go for extra moral classes to top up the game and I loved biology.

 QueenDoz:  there are a lot of questions but we are going to call it a wrap here.
So what should your fans expect from you .

Nsi Dominix : Okay, Expect something amazing. Currently, am working on a single titled "REIGN ON HIGH" which is blessing lives already despite being in the making process. My team and I have been  receiving testimonies from people that visited the studio after we left. It isn't just a song, it is really mind blowing!  Wait for it.

Queen Doz: amazing!  Thanks so much for  coming through. drop a word or two for other artists and fans. 


Nsi dominix : my advice for you is know what you want, everyone has an altar(a place of intimacy) and be consistent. 


If you wish to ask Nsidominix any other question(s) click Here and send your questions. 
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