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An exclusive interview with the IMA JEHOVAH crooner (Chris Joshua) 

Host: Geekeyz
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Geekeyz : Hello Chris Joshua! We are so pleased to have you here on "WHO IS" INTERVIEW SESSION

Chris Joshua : Thank you sir. I count it as a privilege

Geekeyz : Thanks once more for coming through. "WHO IS" is an Interview session on picknplayagency where we get to know about our gospel ministers. So let's begin with the question! Who is Chris Joshua? Briefly introduce yourself...

Chris Joshua : I am A Street boy that Jesus,Picked,and showed mercy to.
I am a Gospel Recording Artist.A deep Worshiper, A Teacher and a preacher of the gospel.

Geekeyz : Really interesting.. Talking about being picked, why did you pick Gospel music?

Chris Joshua : I picked Gospel music 
That is my Essence and purpose for life

Geekeyz : Amazing! let's talk a bit about your music. How long have you been doing this?

Chris Joshua : Over 8 years.

Geekeyz : Wow, that's a pretty good time. So, how many songs have you done so far?

Chris Joshua : About 7 songs. 

Geekeyz :That's huge sir. We should be expecting an album soonest. When should we expect an album from you?

Chris Joshua : Not really

Geekeyz : Okay. Not now?

Chris Joshua : Yes, Soon

Geekeyz : OK good to know! So your recent single "IMA JEHOVAH" have been making waves. Can you tell us the inspiration behind that song?

Chris Joshua : Well, 9th April I lost my Dad and was Informed to come to uyo. I was Shocked! but I found my self singing a song that I couldn't really handle. I got to uyo, entered my fathers compound, saw my dad lying dead. I Walked out of the room still singing same song. I had a meeting with my uncles and same song kept repeating in my spirit. Too many issues were complicating but I was not distracted unlike me. So I came back to port Harcourt on Saturday the 10th April, Gathered my team for Rehearsals in preparation for WORSHIP AND TONGUES our Online worship program. I remembered the song, though a very common song and simple, But I got more flows and Skeletal Structure for the song. We worked on it, And ministered It @Worship and Tongues. I raised the song and the atmosphere was charged already.
Geekeyz :This is really a touching story. Accept my condolence. God is faithful! Such an inspiration there.

Chris Joshua : Thanks. Although we were planning on Another song #MOSTHIGHGOD,
But the push kept coming that we should do IMA JEHOVAH,

Geekeyz : Wow. That's awesome! We are expectant.

Chris Joshua : So we prayed about it and hit the studio with no cash, but God Provided and every things went well and the result is massive.

Geekeyz : Massive result indeed! I mean the song is hitting playlists and radio Stations. So, can you tell us some of the challenges you face in putting a song together?

Chris Joshua : Yes sir. Normally I don't struggle getting songs and writting songs. it just Flow Without stress. But my only Challenge is that the songs are just too much that are coming in and at times, i become confuse which one to release first. Last Month we received two powerful songs and right now we are working on IMA JEHOVAH video but the push is there to do the other song,This is just the challenge I have and normally CASH

Geekeyz : Okay! Away from music now, how do you spend your free time. I guess it's not all about music, music, music.

Chris Joshua : Well, I  love FOOTBALL, Seeing MOVIES is so much fun
 Am not the Outing Time, except Need be.

Geekeyz : Oh amazing! So now, what do you think about gospel music in Nigeria. Are we there yet?

Chris Joshua : Almost

Geekeyz :Okay. thanks so much for your time. What's are your final words to your fans out there?

Chris Joshua : God is helping us. In everything we want to do, we should put God first and be very Deliberate,  Disciplined, Devoted, Focused, Consistent and Work without getting Weary.

Geekeyz : Thanks! for your time. It Was nice talking with you Chris Joshua.

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