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My name is Geekeyz! Welcome to PICKNPLAYAGENCY interview session tagged "Who is" we are pleased to have a gospel artists with us today. I will be asking her some questions! I hope this goes smoothly. Let's welcome Amarachi grace offurum.
Geekeyz: Tell us about yourself. 

A. G. O : Amarachi Grace Offurum (A.G.O) is a native of IMO state...ohagi Egbema local government area and the third child of her family.
She's so passionate in doing the things of God.
She's a member of the seventh day Adventist church ogale...where she's currently serving as a choir Mistress...
She's currently a health worker under DOLF.
She's a song writer who has writen many songs but  has produced one titled  GRACE To he Glory of God.
She's currently anticipating a new single  titled MYSTERIOUS GOD which is to be dropped on 28/08/2020 which is her birthday.
She's a skillful entrepreneur Haven been certified in COMPUTER GRAPHICS,ANKARA DESIGNING, BAKING, CATERING  AND PRODUCTION .
She's the C.E.O of Ammygreat skills acquisition academy.
She's a girl of love and hate indiscipline...
She' treats every one as she should do to her self. To mention but a few.

Geekeyz: That's really a good profile, so coming over to music, how has the journey being? And how long have you been doing music?

A. G. O: 
The journey of music has really been amazing.. Because I've always being happy doing what I love. Sometimes I meet challenges,trials,tribulations, e.t.c even till now. but I keep pressing on because of the prize before me.
Consistency, commitment and hardwork has been my watchword.

Geekeyz: For how long now?

A. G. O:  I started singing in the choir (adult)for  about 4 years now

Geekeyz: Talking about challenges, can you tell us one or two challenges you face while recording your track titled "Grace"

A. G. O: Two of the challenges I faced was:
1.lyrics arrangement...
2.Beat timing and mastering 

Geekeyz: I guess you overcame that... So how many songs have you recorded?

A. G. O: I've recorded 4 singles

Geekeyz: Four!?  We are close to expecting an album from you. Should we anticipate an album soonest?

A. G. O: Yes sir....Anticipate my album of 7.

Geekeyz: Awesome! Mysterious God! that's the title of your next single. Describe the song. What should we expect from it?

A. G. O: The song is an expression of  the MYSTERIOUS things GOD has been doing in my life. 
How HE changed my story.
How HE took my shame and gave me fame.
How HE opened the closed doors 
How HE added life to my life.
How HE eased my difficulties.
And lots more.
Its a song of gratitude and I'm giving HIM SALUTE.

Geekeyz: Good to know that. I believe there are reasons for everything! Why did you choose to do music amongst severally other things you can involve yourself in?

A. G. O: I didn't choose to do music...
I was called as a prophetess having the music ministry.
So. I aligned with the direction of the spirit.

Geekeyz: Wow! I must say. That's a wonderful reply. So away from music now, let's know.  How do you spend your free time? How do you relax?

A. G. O: I don't really have a free time,
Because I have scheduled all my time to an activity.

Geekeyz: There must be alot on your desk. What can you say about gospel music in Nigeria?

A. G. O: Hmmmm
I must say Nigeria is backward in the gospel music ministry.

Geekeyz: Backward you say, what suggestions can you give that you think will move the gospel music in Nigeria forward?

A. G. O : Creation of more record labels, Extensive study for musical knowledge, Annual or quarter platforms for gospel music ministers should be provided by the country.

Geekeyz: Nice suggestions A. G. O!  It has really been a nice time with you. Picknplayagency wishes to interact with you as often as possible just to be updated. What do you have to say to your fans out there?

A. G. O: I love them. I appreciate all there supports and I need more of it.
They should explore their world and bring the best. They should never look down on themselves and above all, JESUS SHOULD BE THEIR FOCUS.

Geekeyz: Finally, Your advice to other gospel singers like you.

(A. G. O) : My advice to my colleagues is that, They should complete and not compete with each other.
Learn to be humble and respect authorities.  Learn to celebrate, appreciate and support each other.

Geekeyz: Wow! Really awesome. Thanks so much for your time (A. G. O).

A. G. O: I am humbly honoured sir.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!  YOU CAN Send questions/suggestions

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