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It was one of those favourite hangout spot in the neighbourhood then. During evenings, children, young adults, men and women would leave their houses to come have fun and meet neighbours on the same street.

That was where it all started.

Uju - a new resident or so I'd thought, was always present to welcome me and initiate good gists. She was apparently full of life.

Days grew into weeks, weeks into months and the count to a year was coming for us.

Prior to our first meeting, I was always quick to inform a new friend of my marital status, but this I never did to Uju. I felt it wasn't necessary or perhaps, she might have known where I am.

We became really close and I soon began mentioning her names during my family discussions. 

My beautiful wife noticed my new excitement. She was very worried. She began asking questions that was never answered. Honestly, I felt it wasn't anything to worry about.

Then Uju asked for my residential address. Well, I obliged, hoping it will bring her and my wife together.

But that never happened.

The first day Uju stepped into our house, my wife who was the one that welcomed her, gazed worriedly. 

It was obvious Uju came thinking I was not married. Her dress were that of a killer, that was the way my wife put it. Women!

She didn't stay long enough and announced her leave.

I never heard from her again, not until we crossed paths three weeks later at the favourite spot, this time, I'd made up my mind to be taking my family there. 

"You never told me you're married" She whispered.

"I'm sorry Uju. I wasn't looking for anything more than friendship"

"That would have cost you your marriage and happiness. I'm sad about it already, but I'm glad nothing extreme happened." She said and walked away.

She was right.
My family first!

I turned towards my wife and saw her with the kids playing.

"I will not flirt again" I muttered to myself.

Written by: Onyekachi Azubuike

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