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Geekeyz: Hello!  It's Geekeyz your favorite host! Welcome to picknplayagency Interview tagged "Who is" and we are so pleased to have one of the fastest rising gospel female artist with us! The "Natural love" crooner "Eva-Praise" It is such a privilege to have you here. Welcome!

Evapraise: Thank you so much. God bless you for having me and I appreciate what you do.

Geekeyz: Thanks as well. Once again, thanks for honouring our invitation. Can you tell us who is 'Eva praise'?

Eva praise: Eva praise is Eva perpetual odike I am the first child and only daughter two younger siblings (boys)  I am a Gospel praise/worship leader. I do more of praise and highlife worship , I am signed to Northhillmusic thank you.

Geekeyz: That's really awesome! So can you tell us how you got into music?

Eva praise: Well as a child growing up , right from secondary school I was always rejected in the music groups ,and I felt so bad I got to the children choir and they also shoved me aside ,so I decided I was gonna attend the main choir rehearsal and hide to learn from them ,did that for months so u started getting better one day I was asked by the main choir leader to join them and try a solo and from that day my story changed , I officially started recording in 2018 same year I got my first guest ministration invite

Geekeyz: Amazing! I guess that answers the next question of how long you have been doing music officially. Away from that, how many songs have you recorded so far?

Eva praise: Well so far in my label I have recorded , no be joke , father , natural love, miracle But before the label, I have recorded Dominion , onyeoma , for you , everyday and idiebube.

Geekeyz: That's a whole lot. At this point, I am guessing we are close to see an album from you. Are we expecting any soon?

Eva praise: Yes well maybe you should be the first to know , that's our next project after my video shoot for miracle by God's grace

Geekeyz: Amazing! Can wait. Can you tell us some of the challenges you face in your music career?

Eva praise: Alot of challenges , it isn't easy  been under a  label your management have to choose your clothes your time is managed ,and also one big challenge is that people chat up and message are plenty I barely chat here but cus you can't reply they tag you proud. Also this period I get scared and shy walking on the road. When I go to the market,  people draw others attention to me saying they see me on TV. A lot of questions to answer

Geekeyz: I can only but imagine how you combine all that.  So away from music, how do you relax? How do you spend your free time?

Eva praise: I love football I am a Barca fan! then I like excersices and I love table tennis I play it a lot. then, I don't joke with my cartoons. Also most of my free times I spend at the studio for rehearsals. 

Geekeyz: Wow!  This is really interesting! You know a lot people think its just 'music after music' so, Eva praise. why did you choose to do gospel music? Amongst severally genres?

Eva praise: I choose gospel music because , God told me this is my breakthrough , it has helped changed my family's name from poverty to greatness.

Geekeyz: Praise God! Moving ahead, can you tell us your thoughts about gospel music in Nigeria. Are we there yet?

Eva praise: Well I think we are not there yet in Nigeria in terms of gospel music but we are making impact and doing great we can do better. Gospel music in Nigeria is either you are alone or in a label that pushes you because our Co musicians don't support our contents though out of all a few do. but we need to support each other. ministry is a win-win affair.

Geekeyz: win-win affair indeed. So what are you suggestions towards moving the gospel Music Industry in Nigeria forward?

Eva praise: We rise by lifting others, A great teacher once told me if you are not mentoring someone who will take over from you, Then get ready to end your kind of music. I suggest our big mummies and daddies mentor us to their kind of music so whenever they retire, There will be someone to continue what they started and our young artist, fame is good but trust me if you Rush to get there you will miss some lectures. Just take your time and follow due process. Finally on this,  Let us stop dropping our songs with wack artworks. your artwork can sell your songs faster that's why I don't share all stuffs. 

Geekeyz: Wow!  This is a whole lot to look into. I wish we had all the time for more questions but we will call it a wrap here, And we will be glad to always have you here over and over again. What's your final words for your fans out there?

Eva praise: Final words. Don't let anyone talk you down we all have potentials find yours and develop it and make the world know you. Stardom is in your hands but remember to work with the holy spirit he teaches all things.

Geekeyz: Amazing!  Thank you so much for coming through! Picknplayagency really appreciates.

Eva praise: God bless you sir. I am honoured and I appreciate greatly.

There you have it! Exclusive interview with Eva_praise. Stay tuned to picknplayagency.com 

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