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An Interview with Amicable Chiz

QueenDoz: Hello people, today we have a wonderful personality in the house today. A portharcourt based gospel artist Minister Amicable chiz. Welcome, we glad to have you are here.

Amicable Chiz: I'm glad meeting you as well. Thanks for the honor.

Queendoz: So before we go on, Let's know what *WHO IS* is all about *WHO IS* is an interview session on PICKNPLAYAGENCY Where we get to know more about our Music ministers From their personal life up to what they are up to. So it's literally *WHO IS* THIS MINISTER? 

QueenDoz: So minister amicable, can you introduce yourself to us because basically some people out there know little or nothing about you. So Introduce yourself. 

Amicable Chiz: Alright. Thank you once more. I am Samson Amicable Chizindu and I hail from (this is the part many don't know) Ibaa Town in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.

QueenDoz: Wow, interesting. Anu Meka o. Hope I tried?

Amicable Chiz: Smiles. yeah you did. Diali is the response. 

QueenDoz: So, Let's know how you started music. How the journey began, and why music?

Amicable Chiz: Hmmmm. my journey in music has been quite interesting. As a young boy, I grew up in a Christian home where you wake up at the loudness of a song by either Patty Obassey, Voice of the Cross and their likes especially on Sunday Mornings. Just like every other kid, I would try to sing along with them. But my interest was on the Piano. Oh Lord! I loved the way Ariaria brethren handled it. Each time I attend a programme, I would leave the essence of being there and go close to the pianist. Sometimes, I would be scolded at and at other times, I would be chased away. In my local church back then, there was this guy that was the church keyboardist but he had pride in him. At times, he would not play because his drummer was not around. I felt really disturbed cause I felt the house of God can't suffer like this. So, God being kind as always, I kept having dreams of me playing the keyboard and when I wake, I can only imagine. So I went to the keyboard and started practicing what I was thought in the dream and God's wisdom was right with me to the point the keyboard itself started teaching me.

QueenDoz: Wow. Interesting

Amicable Chiz: Funny story: I could remember sowing the seed of two pieces of meat to a keyboardist I respected so much. Bottom line, I became better and grew with constant practice as He led me.

QueenDoz: Nice one you have there. So literally, we can say you started music as a young boy?

Amicable Chiz: Well yes, I loved music as young boy but started doing it professionally by 2010. As time went on, the keyboardist in my church stopped playing the keyboard and became the chorus leader as others went out the community but again, he started leaving the church for shows on Sundays to places where they will pay him. So, I prayed to God for the grace of singing. That was when I became the Music Coordinator in my local church.

QueenDoz: 2010. That should be 10years now, if am not mistaken. Wow!. what has your experience been like in those years?

Amicable Chiz: Oh my! It's been amazing and challenging you know. Coming from a background of just one or two genres of music, I had to unlearn and learn just to fit in and yet, stand out. I thought I was good till I left the village. Then I met people I started admiring and boom, much rehearsals began. And by God's grace, I am still pushing.

QueenDoz: So how would you describe your sound?

Amicable Chiz: Well, I do diverse genres of music (yet to be revealed). A whole lot of people know me for intimate worship while others know me for praise. But coming from my last project, Mehn! I love Fuji praise.

QueenDoz: Interesting. so let's draw around your music line. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety before?

Amicable Chiz: Hahaha.... I knew this would come. Well, yes I have. I've experienced been scared especially in a church I have not being to before. those earlier times though. Sometimes this is because I never spent quality time praying or the program came on a short notice and at other times, because some ministers I looked unto were around.

QueenDoz: So can you tell us. Who inspires you in music? Do you have any role models or mentor? Or you like making your own taste?

Amicable Chiz: Well, I followed still quite a number of persons. I can remember learning  to use falsetto from my friend Mr. Wealth. Though he never thought me physically but there was a song titles Ngalaba which he released so many years back and I scored that song so well. And Frank Edwards played a big role in my life that's why at times I just play the keyboard and sing when I'm invited for Worship meetings.Currently, I follow Jonathan MCRenolds,  Nathaniel Bassey, Ada, Samsong, Even, Sinach, and others. But I currently do not have any music mentor. I just get my own sound and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

QueenDoz: What have you learnt about yourself since you become well known?
8 thing. Is ikwerre not related to igbo? Who doesn't know English? Just joking though so tell us your most embarrassing child hood memory. 

Amicable Chiz: Hmmm... this one I will never forget. At age 9, I was still wearing just underwear to go purchase something. One fateful day, someone so mocked at me. He said I am old and still going naked. Oh Lord! I cried and resolved never again to wear that alone.

QueenDoz: quite funny. If you were to be given a chance, who would you love to collaborate With in music?

Amicable Chiz: Jonathan McRenolds

QueenDoz: Interesting. Well we are out of time and there are a lot of questions but we are going to call it a wrap here. So just drop a word or two for your fans out there.

Amicable Chiz: Keep doing that thing you are, be consistent provided it's on a just cause. Remember, you can't stand alone without God. Thank you.

QueenDoz: Thank you sir for honouring our invitation. It was nice having you here. 

Amicable Chiz: The pleasure is mine. Stay blessed. 

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